Marade Instructions



We would love to hear from the leader of your organizations, dance groups, community leaders, churches, etc., about Dr. King Jr. and this year’s theme. Your comments should be nonpartisan and timeless. 


1. Keep your video under 1-minute in length; and

2. Speak clearly

Provide the following information:


1. Your name;

2. The manner/capacity in which you serve your community;

3. How Dr. King's legacy has impacted your personal and/or professional life; and

4. Your interpretation of this year's theme. 

Video Submission 

  • To ensure good quality production, please follow the directions below): 

  • If submitting a flash drive of your video, please label it if you would like for it to be returned

  • If your recording device is a cellphone, it must be an Android Samsung Galaxy S10 or higher, and iPhone XR or higher, iPad, or tablet. 

  • Position your device at eye level. 

  • Place your recording device on a tripod or have someone hold the device tightly with both hands horizontally, not vertically. 

  • Make sure you are in focus. 

  • Make sure your audio is clear. 

  • Record in a quiet area 

  • Ensure nothing is blocking your phone, computer, or microphone. 

  • Make sure your video has excellent lighting. 

  • Keep lighting source in front of you; avoid harsh light behind you

  • MPeg4 format or .MOV

Photo camera Submission: 

  • Must be taken from a Sony A series or higher with a stock lens. 

  • Must be taken from a Canon EOS Rebel T7I or higher with a stock lens. 

  • Must be taken from a Nikon D3500 or higher with a stock lens. 

  • Must be a 300 dpi photograph at a 6:9 ratio.


Submit content created to: marade@lrnaacp.org


The deadline for submitting a one-minute video submission reflecting how Dr. King’s legacy of nonviolence and service to humanity is January 8, 2021. Each submission must be accompanied by a minimum donation of $50 remitted on the Branch’s website at lrnaacp.org.     


Assistance to produce submissions is available by appointment at a charge of $25. Taping days are Saturday, January 2nd (2 - 4 pm) and Sunday, January 3rd (noon - 2 pm), inside of the Mosaic Templars. For more information call Event Coordinator Rev. Maxine Allen at

(501) 539-0280.