How It All Began
Minutes from the General Membership meeting of the Little Rock Branch NAACP that started it all

Little Rock, Arkansas, December 2, 1991 - The Little Rock and North Little Rock Branches of the NAACP, the State of Arkansas, City of Little Rock, Muskie Harris' Corporate Arkansas, Daisy Bates Women's Guild, and Civil Liberties Institute, will sponsor the 1st annual Martin Luther King Day, Jr., Marade (march and parade) will take place Monday, January 20, 1992, at 11:00 a.m.

    The Marade climaxes a weekend of events whose theme "The Festival of People Celebrations" will encompass the focus of Dr. King's life work. In Central Arkansas, participants are being recruited across the state to enter marching bands, walking groups, moving vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, vans, cars, etc.) animals, and floats. For the first time, cash prizes will be given to the best entries in the categories listed above. All entries will be judged by a panel of selected judges.

    This year's celebration will captivate a historic event. Highlighting the weekend activities will be the renaming of High Street to Martin Luther King Dr., honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the permanent placing of Mrs. Daisy Bates' portrait in the State Capitol. We have also extended an invitation to all 1992 Presidential Candidates, to participate as Marade Marshals.

     A reception will follow at Dunbar Community Center for all honored guests. Mrs. Annie Abrams will again serve as MARADE coordinator for additional information.

  • Mrs. Annie Abrams - MLK Marade Coordinator

  • Dale Charles - Little Rock Branch, NAACP

  • Lorene Joshua - North Little Rock, NAACP

  • J.D. Hyman and Associates