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Scott Green. ACT-SO Chair

(501) 773-1824



In order to ensure a safe environment , we request that you carefully review the NAACP ACT-SO Safety Procedures listed below. The NAACP ACT-SO Program prohibits the use of the following materials for display:


  • Living organisms (ex: plants, animals, and microbes)


  • Dried plant materials


  • Taxidermy specimens or parts


  • Human or animal foods


  • Human/animal parts or bodily fluids (e.g. blood, urine. Note: dried animal bones, histological dry mount sections, wet mount tissue slides, teeth, hair, and nails are acceptable)


  • Soil or waste samples


  • Preserved vertebrate or invertebrate animals (inclusive of embryos)


  • Laboratory chemicals, including water


  • Dry ice or other sublimating solids (i.e. solids which vaporize to a gas without passing through a liquid phase


  • Poisons, drugs, controlled substance, hazardous substances or devices (i.e. firearms, ammunition, or reloading devices)


  • Sharp items (syringes, needles, or pipettes)


  • Flames or highly flammable display materials which vaporize to a gas without passing through a liquid phase


  • Batteries with open-top cells


Contestants are advised to use photographs and other visuals for the presentation. Due to the potential for serious harm, any project that displays any of the above items at the Local ACT-SO Competition will be disqualified.