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Free CRISIS Magazine

On May 15, 2021, the National Board of Directors voted not to included the “CRISIS Magazine” in membership material, or as a part of the Membership package. The publication will however be available to all members for free.

The CRISIS Magazine has long been a beacon of outstanding Black journalism. As the NAACP's news outlet, The CRISIS has documented our movement from the very onset, chronicling the African American journey from generation to generation. While our nation continues to reckon with its conscience, the movement to empower and protect the Black community is growing. With that growth comes a re-invigorated purpose that requires new voices, bolder demands, and unrelenting will.

Building on the principles of its founder W.E.B. Du Bois, The CRISIS will remain a trusted and renowned source of news for Black America. To better serve you and provide a timely and immersive look into the fight to build sustainable futures for our people, The CRISIS Magazine has transformed from a quarterly print publication to a digital-first media outlet.

The National Board is committed to enhancing the online presence of the NAACP by reaching our audience in the many ways they get their news. We are excited to step into video, audio, and mixed-media productions to share our stories and thought leadership. While we transform the face of The CRISIS, it will never lose its soul. Just as Du Bois, we will always push the boundaries with thought-provoking, investigative pieces of journalism that move this country forward.

For the latest edition, please click this link:

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