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R.D. Kinsey

R.D. Kinsey is a service-connected Vietnam-era Veteran who served in the USAF. Honorably discharged in 1972, Kinsey began his Civil Service career in the late 1970s serving fellow Vietnam-era Veterans by assisting them in obtaining their entitled VA benefits. His initial desire was to assist military veterans who had served and been disabled during the Vietnam War but, in time, his vision expanded to assisting any Veteran in navigating the VA systems to maximize needed benefits for which they qualified. Kinsey has been on a long journey to help Veterans and their families to receive all benefits and entitlements. In 2004 Kinsey was instrumental in the founding of the Michael Vann Johnson Jr American Legion Post 74 of North Little Rock.

He served as the Founding Commander and held the Commander position for 14 years. Under his leadership, Post 74 became known and respected statewide and was instrumental in helping numerous Veterans and their families receive much needed and earned VA benefits.

In 2018, Kinsey was elected by an overwhelming majority of members from across the state of Arkansas, becoming the 2018-2019 American Legion Commander for the Department of Arkansas. In this role he led nearly 15,000 Arkansas military veteran men and women in serving God and Country in service to the state’s Veterans and their families. Kinsey was honored to serve as the first African American Commander in the history of the Department of Arkansas. Concurrently and currently, Kinsey serves on the National Legislative Commission. With representatives from across the Country, the Commission is responsible for presenting the National American Legion’s position to the U.S. Congress as it sets the agenda for our nation’s veterans. Locally, he serves as VP for the AR Veterans Coalition, a conglomerate of nationally recognized veterans service organizations that promotes legislation to benefit Arkansas’ veterans.

For well over forty-five years, Kinsey has been an active member and officer of the International Masonic Lodges and has attained the 33rd Degree, the highest degree in Masonry. He is an active member of the 33rd Degree Council.

Kinsey has been married for over 37 years to the love of his life, Dianna Piggee Kinsey. They have been blessed with 2 daughters, Meredith Kinsey Irby (and her husband, Robert) and Allison B. Kinsey and two grandsons, Dalen Asher Wilkins and Ryder Wynston Irby.

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